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Review: Hot Cocoa & Cream Candle, Bath and Body Works

🌟 Hi! I have been a Fan of "Bath and Body Works" Products since I was a Pre-Teen / Tween. I love a good Candle and "Bath & Body Works" definitely has one of the best in My Opinion.

💖 I love a good Cup of Hot Chocolate and the "Hot Cocoa & Cream" Fragrance literally smells like all it should be.

💖 The entire Presentation is very High Quality.

💖 It's Long-lasting. I usually Burn it one Wick at a time, don't know if that helps extend the Candle Life or not.

💖 It makes a great Keepsake after you've burned it out. Usually just enough Wax is left to keep the Fragrance lingering about. I like to then incorporate them into My Everyday Decor or Seasonal Decor.

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋