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How To Always Have An Idea (2019)

🌟 Hi! In 23 Years of Lifestyle Blogging, I have yet to run out of Ideas. Here are some of the Things I have Done:

💖 Know Yourself. Likes? Dislikes? Talents? God-given Calling? Etc.

💖 Write in a Diary.

💖 Pray. Ask The Holy Spirit of God to Guide You. He really will.

💖 Keep an Idea Notebook.

💖 Pace Yourself. Just because You have an Idea now, doesn't mean it's Time to Present it to The World next Week. Be Humble. The World was doing Fine before You Arrived and it will continue after You Leave again.

💖 Learn from Everyone and Everything. Read a Book. Watch a Movie. Travel to a different Side of Town. Follow a ton of People/Brands on Social Media. Small Talk with someone New IRL (in real life) and Online. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋