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Dear Diary

🌟 Hi! Something that I have enjoyed doing since Childhood is Writing in My Diary. Here are some Reasons Why:

💖 I love cute Diaries / Notebooks / Journals.

💖 I love My Story. I have Worked very Hard since Childhood to be a Person of Evolution. So I enjoy Reading and Writing My Biography.

💖 I am highly Introspective.

💖 It helps me to remember to Rant to God in Prayer and not Rant to People IRL (in real life) and/or on The Internet.

💖 Helps hone My Writing Skills.

💖 Helps hone My Critical Thinking Skills.

💖 A Brainstorming Gold Mine.

💖 It helps me to remember how God has answered My Prayers throughout My Lifetime. This helps me to continue to Build My Faith / Trust in Him.

💖 It helps me to Develop Plans of Action with God on how to Accomplish My Dreams / Goals Daily.

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋