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"Know Your Availability" (2019)

Image courtesy of Ruth Tynes Photography. 
Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

🌟 Hi! I decide How and When I am going to be Accessible to The Online World. In order to Create Sincere Lifestyle Blog Content, You have to have an actual IRL (in real life) Lifestyle to Write about, lol. Personally, My Lifestyle Blog is like a Book Report Presentation. It's a Highlight Reel for those who might decide to Read the Book themselves later.

During My 23 Year Lifestyle Blogging Career, methods of Communication have Evolved...

+ Landlines
+ Answering Machines
+ Fax Machines
+ Mobile Car Phones
+ Voicemail
+ Pagers
+ E-Mail
+ IMs (Instant Messages)
+ Web Pages
+ Guest Books
+ Web Sites
+ Message Boards
+ E-mail Mailing Lists
+ Cell Phones
+ Text Messages
+ Blogs
+ Comments
+ Social Media Profiles
+ Cell Phones with Internet Access
+ PMs (Private Messages)
+ @'s (At's)
+ #'s (Hashtags)
+ Likes
+ Notifications
+ Vlogs (Video Blogs)
+ DMs (Direct Messages)
+ Threads
+ Dislikes
and I know I have forgotten who knows what else, lol.

In each Season, I have had to Evaluate the latest Communication Modernization, Tailor My Daily Lifestyle, and Stand Firm in what I want to Participate in and what I don't.

I have lots more to say on this Topic, but we'll end it here for now, lol.

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋