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Be Your Safe Place

🌟 Hi! Something that I have yet to Understand, is when some People make Statements like, "The Internet is so Toxic!", "Social Media is so Negative!", "I hate going Online, it's nothing but Gossip!" and so on and so forth. But... when you Scroll through Their Online World, it is all of the above plus some. What they say is Mean. They wouldn't dare utter an Inspiring Word. Instead they choose to Post Bizarre and Cryptic Photographs, Captions, Emojis, etc. that don't make a lick of Common Sense to The General Public... Thus being, Irrelevant, Useless, Hypocritical, etc.

Soooo, as a Lifestyle Blogger, I personally think that it is so important to Be that Safe Place You Desire. If you don't like a certain Vibe being sent out Online, then don't exude that Yourself.

Thanks for Reading! Love,
Ruth 💋